The Secret to Life

Some folks think they’ve got what it takes
By worldly standards, they’re rich.
Their life is their job – they work like slaves
But they still get that seven-year itch.
So they give and take in love and marriage,
Getting’ married two or three times.
They’ve all got the latest horseless carriage
But their life isn’t worth a dime.
They wear diamond rings and jewelry
Adorned from head to toe.
Their way of thinking is pure foolery,
‘Cause alas, it’s only for show.
The Good Book teaches us how we should live,
But to read it might change our ways.
Instead of “Take what you can”, we learn how to give,
And the process lasts all of our days.
“Christians aren’t perfect!” you say, and that’s true,
But I know their sins are forgiven.
Are other people’s faults a reason for you
To throw away life on just “livin’”?
The secret to life is to give it away.
Invest it in those around you.
The excitement and happiness that comes your way
Will probably astound you.