My Travels

While stationed in Korea, I was missing home a lot. I got to thinking about all the places I’ve been and wrote this poem to capture my feelings at the time.

My Travels

 I’m just sittin’ here a-thinkin’
Of all the places that I’ve been.
Starin’ at this cup I’m drinkin’
Wishin’ I was home with friends.

 When I think about my travels,
It sorta makes me feel real small.
Like a little chunk of gravel
On this huge terrestrial ball.

Just consider all the people
In the nations of the world.
How they all grew up so different;
Makes my mind begin to whirl.

Think of all the Europeans –
Several nations in that race.
It’s not often they’re agreein’
Being crammed in that small space.

It’s as if they were the Midwest,
And state lines divide the nations.
Each one believin’ it’s the best,
With national segregation.

I’ve been to France and Germany,
To Switzerland and Belgium,
To Luxemburg and Italy
From Austria up to Holland.

And I’ve been across the USA,
From Los Angeles to Boston,
And been in nearly every state
From Anchorage down to Austin.

My latest travels have taken me
Across the blue Pacific.
My expectations have been shaken, see
This place ain’t so terrific.

I guess that I’m just spoiled
by the way things are back home.
After walkin’ foreign soils,
I wonder why I ever roamed.

It would have been much easier
To stay put in the States.
I know I’d been much happier,
But I reckon that’s too late.

I prob’ly never would have known
how other folks have to survive,
If I’d worked my fingers to the bone
In an office – nine to five.

So I can say without a doubt
That I’m never going to roam
Once I get back, I’m gonna shout