The Reason for the Season

I was asked to prepare a Christmas program for a friend of ours. As part of that program, I wrote this poem.

A simple truth of history is that our fathers came
So they could live in freedom here to worship Jesus’ name
Without the laws of government to tell them when or how
But simply and in reverent fear before Him humbly bow.

This modest band of tradesmen and – some farmers once did talk
Of virtuous creeds and noble deeds fixed firmly on the Rock.
Our nation rose from meager means to become a mighty land
Blessed by the One whom they adored, with bounties from His hand.

 But somehow over decades past, the tables have been turned
And now our mighty Savior’s name is quite routinely spurned.
His name is gone within our schools, against the law to pray
The Ten Commandments can’t be shown, no mangers Christmas day.

Oh that we who still worship Him would rise and praise His name
And give Him all the majesty, and remember why He came!
Because we are a fallen lot, rebellious through and through
God came to earth, born as a child, to save both me and you. 

Christmas is a happy time with family and friends,
To celebrate the birth of Christ, share love, and honor Him.
The Christ of Christmas came to pay the debt we could not pay
Thus God’s demand of sacrifice was met on Christmas day.

 The Reason for the Season was fulfilled on Calvary
Though on the Cross He suffered loss, He rose eternally!
So may our nation see the light that shines from that great Star,
And remember why He came that day, and realize who we are.