I wrote this for our church’s newletter, November 2013.


It’s all too easy when things go wrong
To lose our joy in life
And then forget to whom we belong
When oppressed by grief or strife.

But then we set aside a day
Each year our thanks to give
Past pleasant moments we replay,
Our blessings we relive.

We make a list of all good things
We have upon this Earth.
Of wealth or health and all that brings,
In which we see great worth.

But have you stopped to think about
What God has done for you?
How He’s removed our fear and doubt
Our sinful ways subdued.

Be thankful for the Law He gave
To convict our heart of pride
When we were but a sinful slave,
For our sins, Jesus died.

The Gospel’s blessing gives relief.
A gift, it too, is given.
And so’s our faith and our belief:
A gift from God in heaven.

So this Thanksgiving, say a prayer
Of thankfulness to Him
For all the blessings he’s prepared
But most of all, for Him.