Out of Many, We are One

A motto is a theme of sorts, and speaks of great ideals.
Our nation’s early motto is emblazoned on her seals.
It speaks of the diversity and unity we’ve won,
A principle for our nation: e pluribus unum.

For many states formed one country, a plural unity.
An example of the meaning of the word “community”
Both the motto and the word have a principle in mind
“Out of many, we are one”: Beneficial for mankind.

Applications of this principle are everywhere it seems.
It binds together orchestras, big companies, and teams.             
But where this concept fits the best, we see it all around:
Is where we work, and sleep, and play: Right here in our hometown!

It’s where our lives all interact, and where we share life’s road.
Where we get to know our neighbors, and we help them with their load.
And if natural disasters strike and lives are torn in two,
A community comes together and helps to pull them through.

For we come from many races, religions, and tribes.
But with unity in diversity, we can take great pride.
This unifying concept is our opportunity
for freedom’s peace by making yours a great community!