A Prayer of Worship

I was driving to work one morning just about sunrise. As I crossed West Fort Hood, the rolling hills were blanketed with patches of fog in the low-lying areas, with the trees and hills ever so gently rising above the mist. The sun was just about to break over the distant horizon, casting a multi-colored glow over the whole scene. I composed this poem while I drove through this veritable reflection of the Garden of Eden, and wrote it down as soon as I got to work, just as you see it below.

Every beat of my heart, every breath that I draw
Is a gift from you, O Lord.
Every day that I rise, all I see with my eyes
Is here because of Your Word.

Not a bird in the air, not a strand of my hair
Escapes your watchful gaze.
All the stars of the night, angels hid from our sight
Show us the depth of your ways.

You have made us each one, and have sent us your Son
To redeem us and bring us back home.
When we fall into sin, you forgive us again
No matter how far we’ve roamed.

So I thank you again for being my friend,
My maker, redeemer, and guide.
You are with me each day, they can’t take that away
In you I will always abide.

May I not waste a breath, or go to my death
Without serving and giving you praise.
May the life that I live be to loveĀ and to give,
And to honor you all of my days.