The Life of a DUH Trainer

DUH is Downunder Horsemanship, a method of horse training by Clinton Anderson (aka C.A.) His followers (I am one) are almost fanatical about how well his method works, and how easy it is to understand. As a result, there are a lot of comments in the online forums about problems dealing with horse owners. So I decided to capture that thought in this poem.

The Life of a DUH Trainer

So you’ve fallen in love with the Downunder way
and you eat, sleep and breathe all things “C.A.”
Be careful with whom you share your excitement
It just might lead to a painful enlightenment.

“You train horses!?!” A ‘friend’ says to you,
and proud a peacock, you say “Yes, I do!”
But then comes the statement, “I sure need someone
to work out the kinks in my 10-year-old dun.”

Now comes a story they’re anxious to tell
about their horse, Precious – oh he does so well
they then ask the question you don’t want to hear
“Can you make bad habits just disappear?”

“Well, no, it takes work” you say to yourself
But I know the Method! I could do it myself.
You picture the joys of success in your mind.
The rewards of respect, and his problems behind.

Your friend would be happy, and praise you for sure
If only you’d take him and give him the cure.
And so you agree, for just this one time,
In just a few weeks, he’ll be walkin’ the line.

The Method is great, works wonders indeed,
but the problems you find are not with the steed.
Instead it’s the owner that’s driving you nuts
that you have to deal with, no ifs, ands, or buts.

They don’t like you using the stick and the string
or working him harder than they’ve ever seen.
“Oh my God! Just look at him! He broke out in a sweat!
You worked him so hard, he’s going lame I bet!”

You explain horse psychology as best as you can
then give them the DVD, straight from The Man.
Not only will they never take time to watch it,
they’ll lose it, scratch it, or in some other way botch it.

The problems with owners are harder to fix
than anything able to be fixed by our sticks.
Horses respond better than people. You’ll find
your reward is respect and his problems behind.