Daddy’s Girl

On 9-11 a girl was born – Daddy held her, his heart was warmed
She’s gonna be a Daddy’s girl.

Everywhere he went she’d go along – she grew up singing sailor songs.
Yep, she’s Daddy’s girl.

Workin’ together on the old Studebaker – or goin’ to town, he’d always take her
‘Cause she’s Daddy’s girl.

“Would you grab a hammer and a half inch wrench? – and a red shop towel from off the bench.”
Yep, she’s Daddy’s girl.

Working overhauls, pistons and rings – right there with him, doin’ his thing.
She’s Daddy’s girl.

Going down to the lake as fast as he can – ski all around ‘till she couldn’t stand.
She’s a Daddy’s girl.

Plinking cans on the old lake road – grabbing more shells, helping reload,
She never missed ‘cause she’s Daddy’s girl.

Fixing stew on the cabin stove – then take a boat ride around the cove.
That’s Daddy’s girl.

Painting a car, painted it green – He hands her the gun, she scrubs it clean.
‘Cause she’s Daddy’s girl.

She married a young Army man, going off to distant lands – long distant calls just to hear him again.
Yep, she’s Daddy’s girl.

He loaded up Grandma and Momma too – Drove clear to Maryland, meant more than he knew.
‘Cause she’s Daddy’s girl. 

Driving 12 hours to see Mom and Dad – We’d finally arrive, he was always glad
to see his Daddy’s girl.

Just for a bit we’ll be apart – but Dad will always be in her heart
She’ll always be Daddy’s girl.