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Back again!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Yes, it’s been a long while. I just don’t spend much time at the computer pondering what to write in the blog. Life happens. We keep busy. We have the best intentions but the worst memory. Getting old. Here are a few landmarks over the past few months:

Labor Day 2012 – Traded Stormy for Ryder, a 2 year old paint gelding.
12-2-12 – Amigos of the Seas cruise out of Galveston, another “two thumbs up” experience!
1-1-13 – RABC changed my job and took my meager salary away. Much heart searching. I submitted to God’s will and decided to stay.
1-13-13 – Adventure of the Seas, out of San Juan with Jay & Michele. Definitely a different cruise experience. If it wasn’t for quality time with Jay & Michele and friends, it would have been a bust.
1-31-13 – RABC reinstated my salary. Assoc. Pr. fired.
FEB 2013 – joined Cove Saddle Club so we can use their arena.
3-8-13 – Surgery to remove gallbladder and repair hernia.
3-31-13 – Found a kitten by a burning brush pile, scorched but not harmed. Frank’s tender heart is bottle feeding and nurturing it. I guess more on this subject later.

Upcoming events:
4-14-13 – Girls cruise on Carnival Magic out of Galveston! FUN!!!
MAY/June 2013 – trip to KC.
July 2013 – OES Grand Chapter in Arlington, TX

Yes, I will try to keep up the blog with our current events. It helps to look back and see the record of what’s been going on. So much gets lost in the memory.