The Ultimate Proof

Dr. Jason Lisle of Answers in Genesis, wrote a book recently outlining the logical fallacies of evolutionary thinking, and providing some solid arguments for the certainty of the Bible. His book is titled “The Ultimate Proof of Creation”.  Here is a short summary of those lessons.

That age-old debate: Is the Bible true?
Could that be proven by me and you?
Does God exist though many may doubt?
Can we really know what it’s all about? 

Could there be an ultimate proof
Can we know God, and know the truth?
I believe we can, if we start anew
With a purely Biblical point of view. 

There’s only two tales from whence we came,
We’re here by chance, or by the Bible’s claim
That God has created all there is.
So how are we to solve this quiz? 

The Truth is found in a simple test,
You can surely know which one is best
By examining internal consistency
One story ends in incoherency.

How the world has come to pass
Must fully account for the world en masse.
It must always explain the physical,
But must also explain the immaterial. 

Here is where evolution fails,
The lie is revealed in lack of details.
Where did rules of logic come from?
Nature offers no explanation. 

The consistency of nature provides the base
For all of science, in earth and space.
But if all is random, it makes no sense
These consistent laws: They came from whence? 

All mankind through ages long
Have an innate sense of right and wrong.
If we’re the result of chemical reaction,
How do you explain a moral abstraction?

The Christian knows these things are true
They are all explained from the Bible’s view.
God sets the rules for nature and man
And all that is – is from His mighty hand.