The Derailment

This is happening more and more…..

The Derailment

Our conversation rolled along
Just like the train we rode upon,
We talked of sports and weather, too
Of TV shows and bar-be-que.

The steady rhythm’s clickety-clack
For several hours along that track
Was rather soothing, in a way,
A pleasant way to spend the day.

My buddy was talking about his past
I wondered how long his tale would last.
The train was flying ‘round the bend
I waited for his story to end…

And then it happened suddenly
He stopped and asked a question of me
What happened next, I’m not quite sure
The facts to me are such a blur.

My head was spinning, I couldn’t think
I could only stare at him and blink.
My mind went blank, my memory shot
He had just derailed my train of thought!