My attempt at a rap…


Dads have worked for centuries
Most Moms began quite recently
A reflection of society
This causes great anxiety.
This whole idea of Women’s Lib
It seems to me is just a fib.
It’s Satan’s way of breaking down
Families all over town.
Satan used his hocus-pokus
To try to make us lose our focus.
Instead of focus on the home,
Our kids are often home alone.
When kids have no parental guidance,
The parents lose their kid’s confide-ence.
When parent’s roles are oft’ confused,
Their children oft’ are child-abused.
Mothers work for many reasons,
Seldom is it family treason.
Some work for necessity,
It’s just not always best to be
Working when they need your care.
And even if they’re in your hair, 
They grow and learn so very fast,
We just cannot make up the past.
It’s a shame we’re caught up in a dream:
Wanting, having everything.
When love and trust is what we need,
The best in life IS really free.
I’m not saying work is wrong,
But what’s priority for Mom?
I only ask you reconsider
Before you call the babysitter.