Rule 8: Talk Less and Say More


The grandeur of the cowboy is not just from manly strength
Their heroics have been told in books and movies at great length.
They have often been depicted as the strong and silent type
They’d rather get their point across without a lot of hype.

The Cowboy Code was simple, never ever be a bore.
All good cowboys lived by this: Just talk less and you’ll say more.
In the West, the bigger someone’s mouth, the better it looks shut.
It never took a lot of words to communicate what’s what.

“I’d rather keep my mouth shut and folks think that I’m a fool,
than to open it and remove all doubt.” makes a good ground rule.
When words are scarce, their meaning somehow gets intensified.
But when a fella talks too much, its plain undignified.

Cowboys say just what they mean, and mean just what they say,
There’s no need for being wordy, be concise – the Cowboy way.
So when there’s nothing more to say, please don’t be going on.
Be a doer, not a talker, like the cowboys: brains and brawn!