Looking for Answers

In the midst of daily living,
Where the rubber meets the road,
There just isn’t much thanksgiving,
As we’re carrying our load.

Sometimes the burdens that we tote
Seem cumbersome, and dense.
We’re feeling like we missed the boat,
And folks have lost their common sense.

We got problems with our money,
There never seems to be enough.
Your spouse don’t call you ‘honey’,
And the kids are acting tough.

Well, I got to thinking on it,
And it sort’a came to me,
That the Lord must have a reason
For the troubles that we see.

So I went o’er to the bookshelf,
And I kind’a had to look,
But I finally found my Bible,
And dusted off that good ole book.

Some years have passed since then,
And there rarely is a day,
That the book goes unattended,
Or I forget to stop and pray.

What I found inside the covers
Of that book’s completely true:
That the Good Lord knows and loves us,
And He created me and you.

He loves us ’cause He made us,
And He wants to be our friend.
If it seems that he must hate us,
The only problem is our sin.

He wants for us to trust Him,
And stand up for what is right.
But instead we must disgust HimĀ 
By ignoring His guiding Light.

You say you want the answers
To all the problems that you find?
Turn to the Lord and Master,
Read His Book, and fill your mind.

It tells how to manage money,
Raise your kids, or find some hope.
Some parts are even funny,
All in all, it helps you cope.

There is nothing to be scared of,
Open it up and take a peek.
Then have faith! C’mon, I dare you,
If the answer’s what you seek!