Mr. Hay Man

We have been buying hay for our horses from Paul and Wilma Culp since about 1986. They live on one of the highest hills in Lampasas County, and you can see for some 20 miles in every direction from up there. They are the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet.

Mr. Hay Man
(sung to the tune of “Mr. Sandman”)

Mr. Hay Man, sell me some hay
My barn is empty, I need some today.
My horses love it, it has no clover
The search for quality is finally over.

Mr. Hay Man, yours is the best
You’ve won awards all over the west.
We look forward to getting your call,
In Spring and Summer, and sometimes Fall.

Mr. Hay Man, you live way out of town
Buena Vista’s seen from miles around.
We love the drive up your beautiful hill,
To see your view, we get quite a thrill.

Mr. Hay Man, we thank you again
We’re proud and honored to be your friend
And though this hay season’s through,
Paul and Wilma, we love you!

by Frank Knight, October 7, 2014