An Exciting Christian Life

When your life is full of sorrow,
And your heart is full of pain,
Do not fret about tomorrow.
Do not feel your life’s in vain.

When your friends or family fail you,
And your dreams have turned to dust,
Just remember God is with you.
It’s only God that you can trust.

When you focus on the wrong things,
Life will surely get you down.
With your roller coaster mood swings
And an all-persistent frown.

But in Christ we have the answer
To all of life’s incessant woes.
He’s greater than any cancer,
And your deepest fear He knows.

When you keep your eyes on Jesus
And you concentrate on Him,
You’ll rejoice in how He frees us
From our nagging guilt and sin.

When you think about salvation
And the price He paid for you,
Life becomes a celebration,
Knowing Christ will get you through.

We will always have our problems
Till our Lord has called us home.
But it’s fun to watch Him solve them,
Knowing that you are His own.

Do not focus on your troubles,
Or your overwhelming strife.
Place on Jesus all your struggles.
Live an exciting Christian life.