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May 2019
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The Old Abandoned Fire Ring

Walking ‘round the property with a frisky little pup,
I chanced upon some old stones, half-buried, all lined up
in a circle overgrown with grass, and my mind began to see
a time way back, three decades past, still etched in memory.

A family sat around these rocks, warming by the fire
these stones had once encircled. A place where they’d retire.
After a long day’s work this was a place for them to sit and talk.
You never know where you might go when going for a walk.

I never dreamed today I’d go to the place where I once dreamed –
The old abandoned fire ring, where campfires danced and gleamed.
The kids are grown and on their own, it’s just the wife and I
reflecting on the fire ring, and the days and years gone by.

We cherish those old memories, with life’s song yet unsung,
and think about the good old days, when we were strong and young.
I could feel just like that fire ring, deserted and unused.
And if I thought about it much, I might get lonely or confused.

But when I think upon the Lord, and how he’s seen me through
the good times and the bad times, I know he’ll make anew
the spirit of the fire ring, those flames will dance and soar.
Life is bright in God’s pure light, not abandoned any more.