Decisions, Decisions

Another early poem from my time in Korea. This is not one of my better poems, please excuse the corny phrases. But for the sake of having a record of my poetry for family access, here it is.

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions, we make every day:
We make them at work; we make them at play.
What we will eat, and what we will wear.
Whether we keep, or whether we share.

Should she wear the blue dress, or maybe the red?
Do her nails match the ribbon tied up on her head?
Should we visit friends, or go to the lake?
Do you want hamburgers tonight, or would you rather have steak?

The kids want a pet. Should it be dog or cat?
Oh, I can’t decide yet! I’ll think about that.
I haven’t decided to wall paper or paint.
Dear, would you choose? You’d be such a saint!

“I can’t make my mind up.” my wife says to me,
“Whether I need one or two, so I guess I’ll take three!”
Do I take the new job, or keep what I’ve got?
With all these decisions, my brain’s nearly shot.

We choose to be nice, or not nice at all.
Do we vacation now, or wait till the fall?
We choose all our friends, with whom we have fun.
To sink or to swim; to walk or to run.

The most vital decision we ever will make
Is the one that determines our eternal fate.
Do we live life for Christ, or for something else?
That choice either sends us to heaven or hell!

There’s no way around it: each person must choose.
And there’s no middle ground: either you win or you lose.
Accept Christ as Lord of your life now today,
And with Him for eternity you always will stay.